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Let’s be honest. You come to Chuck’s for the great food, at incredible prices. The value we offer our guests is second to none. We can honestly say that.

And if we are being honest then we need to tell you that for us to continue offering great deals, then something has to give… and we definitely don’t want it to be our quality. Who else serves AAA steaks at prices like ours? Certainly not the competition. But you know that already, and that’s why you visit Chuck’s Roadhouse. In order for us to continue providing fresh, fabulous food at incredible prices we need to add 3% to all our prices. Don’t panic, it’s really not a lot.

For example: our $5 Burger + 3% added = $5.15

That’s much less than if we raised our prices. We are truly hoping you understand why we are doing this. It is to provide you with the value and “goodness” you have enjoyed and deserve, honest.

Please review our frequently asked questions to learn more about the Honest to Goodness Fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Honest to Goodness Fee?

It is a 3% fee added to all our prices before tax is calculated. The amount charged can be found at the end of the bill above the sales tax.

2. Why does Chuck’s Roadhouse charge an Honest to Goodness Fee?

To help us continue to provide the highest quality food at the lowest possible prices while operating efficiently. Our prices remain one of the lowest in the industry given the high quality of food we proudly serve.

3. I would rather know what I am paying upfront. Why doesn’t Chuck’s Roadhouse raise all prices instead by 3%?

Adding the 3% to all our prices instead of increasing the price of each item gives us greater flexibility to manage our purchasing of food and menu items. It’s just our way of approaching increasing costs in our industry while maintaining our commitment to offering great food at great value.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on all we do at Chuck’s.